Spitzer = Bottom Feeder


No matter what he does or where he goes, Spitzer manages to dive straight to the bottom of the barrel.




The more Christine Quinn speaks, the less I like her. She’s gone from someone who took on racial arsonist and grievance pimp Charles “Slappy” Barron, to becoming a tedious political hack who utters inane things to pander to the constituency of the moment.

Her latest pander? Allowing 11-year-old children to take emergency contraception. Without parental consent, it seems — although she’d oh so generously allow parents to opt out of the policy, meaning that these children are in it by default. But, hey! It got her the endorsement of Planned Parenthood New York, and that’s what counts, right?

“I understand it can make some people uncomfortable. We need to recognize the reality of what’s happening in children’s lives and give them what they need to make the right choices and protect themselves,”

Eleven-year-old children are not equipped to “make the right choices and protect themselves,” you excessively dim hack!

NY Post: Bob McManus: Shunning Client 9

NY Post: Bob McManus: Shunning Client 9

It’s simply that Eliot Spitzer can’t control himself — his gross Sheriff of Wall Street excesses, his inability to practice civil politics as governor (best illustrated by his abuse of state troopers to spy on, if not frame, an opponent in the Troopergate affair) and the Client 9 debacle stand out, but his utter contempt for his family predominates.

The problem we face is that his opponent is atrocious. Stringer has been a vocal supporter of the mosque at the WTC site, even bashing and smearing those who oppose it. Our best hope may be the Republican, John Burnett… not that anyone has heard of him. Learn a little about this Republican who happens to be black here and here.

New York Not As Crazy As Our Detractors Wish

New York Not As Crazy As Our Detractors Wish

Not only has degenerate mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner fallen from first to fourth place — with a whopping 10% saying they play to vote for him — in polling for the Democrat nomination, but a majority want him to just shut up and leave us alone.

According to Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute: 

“Nobody thinks former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner will pack it in, but 52 percent of likely Democratic primary voters wish he’d go away and 51 percent say they’d never vote for him”

Unlike certain cities and states (we’re looking at YOU, Minnesota!), we New Yorkers do have a limit for our capacity to be ridiculous.

The political pervert spent an hour whining and undermining his wife in an interview with Buzzfeed

Since the latests creepy scandal emerged, the hyper horny Weiner has raked in less than $12K in donations, and has previous donors regretting the checks already written to his doomed campaign. 

One donor said she had donated just days before the newest revelations.

“I felt like a complete idiot. I wanted to get my money back, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble . . . I won’t support him now,” said the Manhattan lawyer, who requested anonymity.

Why does he go on with this bizarro charade?

Carlos Danger Won’t Say That He’s No Longer Sexting!

Carlos Danger Won’t Say That He’s No Longer Sexting!

In a NY Daily News interview with Denis Hamill, Carlos Danger refuses to say that he’s no longer sexting:

Q. There is no one you are sexting now?

A. You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we’re talking about is over a year ago.


Someone Mocking Carlos Danger’s…Shortcomings?


Weiner Shouldn’t Be Mayor, Says Spitzer

Weiner Shouldn’t Be Mayor, Says Spitzer

Remember Bumfights? Yeah, this is Bumfights, The Political Perverts Edition. Client 9 knows that even jaded, seen-it-all New Yorkers don’t have the stomach for electing multiple degenerates at the same time.