Please, Lord, Let This Be Over Already! Haven’t We Suffered Enough?

Please, Lord, Let This Be Over Already! Haven’t We Suffered Enough?

From the NY Daily News guide to the Star Wars bar scene group of mayoral contenders:

About Weiner: 

BIG IDEA: Universal health care for New Yorkers through a single-payer system; “oligarch tax” on sale of expensive apartments.

No idea how he plans to pay for universal health care and whether it would include covering all the illegal aliens here. If the creepy perv had ever worked a real job in his life, he might have realized that taxing the sale of “expensive apartments” will not even come close to covering his scheme, and will only serve to make those who own “expensive apartments” find other ways to get something in return for their “expensive apartments,” other than money.

With crime set to increase if stop-and-frisk is banned and other anti-police measures put in place, and the continuing economic difficulties, this is Bill Thompson’s big idea???

BIG IDEA: Longer school days; expanded pre-K system.

No wonder he’s trailing.

John Liu has about as much chance of becoming the next mayor as I do, so his idea of a mandatory minimum wage of $11.50/hr is a big yawn. Perhaps a better use of his time would be to focus on why everyone around him gets arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison. 

John Catsimatidis is a true embarrassment. The self-professed Clinton Democrat, who also contributed to Cuomo needs to shut his gaping maw and go away.

BIG IDEA: Bringing a world’s fair to New York; putting cops on tricycles to improve their mobility.

WHAT’S HE LIKE: Prone to quirky, off-the-cuff comments, as in, “I have a love factor with the minorities.”


The ONLY candidate who is close to sane is Joe Lhota, who understands the importance of keeping crime rates down.

In a city such as New York, THESE are the best we can come up with???


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