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Carlos Danger Won’t Say That He’s No Longer Sexting!

Carlos Danger Won’t Say That He’s No Longer Sexting!

In a NY Daily News interview with Denis Hamill, Carlos Danger refuses to say that he’s no longer sexting:

Q. There is no one you are sexting now?

A. You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we’re talking about is over a year ago.



Someone Mocking Carlos Danger’s…Shortcomings?


Weiner Shouldn’t Be Mayor, Says Spitzer

Weiner Shouldn’t Be Mayor, Says Spitzer

Remember Bumfights? Yeah, this is Bumfights, The Political Perverts Edition. Client 9 knows that even jaded, seen-it-all New Yorkers don’t have the stomach for electing multiple degenerates at the same time.

Weiner Goes Limp: Falls To Fourth In New Mayoral Poll

Weiner Goes Limp: Falls To Fourth In New Mayoral Poll

New York haters: I told you so! Those who insisted that New Yorkers are just a bunch of lazy, grabby, selfish people who’d still vote for the degenerate weirdo just because he promises freebies were WRONG. Ha!

NY Dems Define Deviance Down

NY Dems Define Deviance Down: The Village Republican exclusive for All Fired Up Media!

(NY Post) EXCLUSIVE: Clintons Livid At Comparison Of Them To Weiners

(NY Post) EXCLUSIVE: Clintons Livid At Comparison Of Them To Weiners

Oh my — what a choice! Do we root for the Weiner-Abedins to drag down Hillary Clinton’s ’16 candidacy with their weirdo marriage? Or do we want that creepy flasher to just get out of the mayoral race, shut up, and leave New York alone?

But this quote cracks me up!

“The Clintons are pissed off that Weiner’s campaign is saying that Huma is just like Hillary,’’ said the source. “How dare they compare Huma with Hillary? Hillary was the first lady. Hillary was a senator. She was secretary of state.”

Really? I am no fan of Huma Abedin, but The ONLY reason Hillary Clinton was a US Senator and then Secretary of State was because her husband famously cheated on her and she was repaid for her loyalty in not tanking his career.

Anthony Weiner’s Campaign Chief Quits As Sext Pal’s “Sugar Daddy” Past Emerges

Danny Kedem didn’t quit because he was shocked or offended about the latest round of revelations surrounding Carlos Danger and his inability to keep his camera out of his pants. No, he fled because he’s the proverbial rat deserting the sinking ship. But he’ll always have the stench of having signed on to work with a known degenerate pervert on his record.